#1 Importance To Us

We will not carry any fish or corals that have a poor life expectancy in captivity. We take pride in the fact that our fish thrive, not just survive.We carry only net caught fish. No cyanide or unethical methods are used.

Tank Raised

We applaud all the advances in tank raised fish and coral - much like freshwater raised fish - someday we envision all saltwater fish and coral to be raised in captivity - this preserves the reef. Tank raised fish, usually do better in tanks with less disease and health problems. We believe in paying a little more for net caught and tank raised fish. They are usually hardier, eat better and live longer.


Dr. Phish, Veterinarian, says our fish holding and quarantine procedure is another way in which we provide quality pets to our customers - something other services usually cannot do!

Fish Guarantee

If we are servicing your system on a monthly basis, we offer an exclusive fish replacement policy - please call for details.